We Vision

Our aim is to create a new category and market space providing a crucial contribution to the energy transition in Europe.


THE BLUE MINDS COMPANY defines itself as a go-to company when it comes to the development of new business models and strategies for dealing with the energy transformation.

Traditional theories increasingly reach their limits when it comes to creating innovative business models. Innovative ideas, creating new markets for example, often lack financial means. Decision-makers, in contrast, much more prefer innovation following the well-known principles of logical investment to improve performance and efficiency. The fact that nowadays financial resources are no longer scarce is often not taken into consideration when it comes to generating value. Our mission is to analyse existing structures to create added value for our clients and partners, and to identify sustainable sources of value that are promising for the future.

When looking for answers regarding types of innovation, we rediscovered the “Blue Ocean Approach” (developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne at INSEAD). We help our clients and partners to venture out into such Blue Oceans and grow successfully; together we find and developuntapped markets or branches of industry with little or no competition where our clients would otherwise find themselves stuck in Red Oceans and saturated markets characterised by fierce competition all offering the same services or products.

We encourage you to take a closer look at given structures. In the upheavals of the post financial crisis in which prevention is better the cure we are in dire need of particularly one thing: courage. In identifying appropriate methods and techniques we can take the plunge and convert our ideas into long-term advantages for an entrepreneurial future. Our team supports you in creating new markets and client groups which so far seemed to be out of reach. Together we help you in finding your Blue Ocean.