Our Mission

Our Mission –

Economists describe Clean Tech, Big Data and Internet of Things as the driving economic engines of the future. The last 200 years have been characterised by five long periods, the so-called Kondratieff Waves, ranging from the invention of the steam engine and electricity up to the development of automobiles and the Internet. The five economic super-cycles are characterised by phases of long-term prosperity with a major economic crisis at the end.

Driven by environmental technologies and big data, and with the “Blue Ocean approach” in mind, we investigate the global drivers of change to develop profitable and sustainable business models.

Which conclusion can we draw from our current decade?

In the wake of the global financial crisis, several phenomena already mark a turning point: e.g. a large surplus of financial capital, a certain exhaustion of potential use of basic innovation and noticeable economic decline combined with social or institutional changes. On the one hand current trends, e.g. globalisation, provide impetus for major shifts in demand, on the other hand, innovations, e.g. environment technologies, bio and nano technologies or holistic health lead to changes of supply in the economy.

While labour productivity rose drastically during the age of information, the key for a promising future in the economy seems to lie in the enhancement of resources and energy productivity.

The challenges of future growth will be met by a new combination of economic factors, ecology and social commitment. The core of our business model is to actively involve our clients and partners in the next economic wave with regard to the environment and energy technology.

The only thing that is constant is change. This saying is particularly true in our modern times. The 21st century will mark history as the age in which people discovered alternatives to fossil fuels. Green technologies, green investment or green jobs have decidedly shaped the last two decades.Today we are far from having reached all our goals and there seem to be more questions than answers. It is time to explore new pathways. What we need now is innovation creating new markets. This requires entrepreneurship and innovative capacities. It is time to drastically change our ways of thinking. Therefore we need new investment strategies and structures. This is where THE BLUE MINDS COMPANY steps in.

We support our clients and partners to pro-actively identify driving factors in their sector’s and their company’s life cycle and to convert these factors into sustainable business models rendering competition irrelevant. Our service is rounded off by creating the necessary investment structures and organization. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we from THE BLUE MINDS COMPANY also support promising ideas as capital partner / investor.