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We address our services to all stake-holders who are willing to participate in the energy transition be it in the industry, the service sector, public institutions, NGOs, municipalities and cities. In this process we support our clients in dealing with the most complex challenges in shaping a sustainable, resource-friendly, CO2-reduced and yet affordable energy future ranging from strategic orientation to the introduction of business models, processes, organisational structures and technology strategies.

  • Industries
  • Energy
  • Technology/Internet
  • Trade/production/construction
  • Transportation/logistics
  • Health care
  • Public sector

We closely collaborate with decision-makers at all levels ranging from strategy & business development, technology development, production and marketing to general management. We provide individual consultancy teams and experts depending on the project and strategic challenges.

Our Partners

BLUE MINDS is accredited consultancy partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The independent non-profit organization addresses annually the world’s largest listed companies with its climate change questionnaire. CDP acts on behalf of 822 institutional investors who manage more than one third of the world’s invested capital. Companies are encouraged to complete the questionaire and to answer i.a. questions about their response to climate change and its risks and opportunities, as well as questions their greenhouse gas emissions and actions to their reduction. CDP complies with the increasing demands of investors to inform about the risks of climate change.

The data collected by CDP are made accessible to investors through numerous channels including Bloomberg terminals where 8.8 million downloads of CDP data per year are recorded. Among sustainability experts, CDP is considered to be one of the best known and most credible sustainability ratings. Throughout Austria, nearly half of the invited companies  reported to CDP.

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