Driving the Energy Transition

Driving the energy transition or the art of creating value. THE BLUE MINDS COMPANY is the go-to company when it comes to business models for energy transition. In the areas of research, consulting and communications we work hand in hand for and with companies when it comes to facing the challenges of the 21st century. As startup incubator we find, mentor and support startups with creative ideas on their way to become the architects of the energy transition.


Based in Vienna, we are well-connected throughout South-East Europe, Turkey and MENA, based on many years of local experience. Our subsidiary Blue Minds Israel Ltd. in Tel Aviv develops software for digital energy services to meet the new challenges of converging energy, Internet and telecommunications. This is our response to recent developments of combining energy, Internet and telecommunication.

  • Philosophy

    Our aim is to create a new category and market space providing a crucial contribution to the energy transition in Europe.


  • Greentech Incubator

    We find, mentor and support creative founders and startups, helping the architects of the energy transition to see their ideas become reality.


  • Clients

    We safely navigate our clients through the energy transition.


  • Team

    Outstanding team, top-notch projects – that is our credo. THE BLUE MINDS COMPANY consists of an outstanding team with a wide range of experience in the industry.


  • Network

    We work with the best of the best, using a network of top level-executives and renowned experts in different fields of the economy, science, industry and finance.


  • History

    The only thing that is constant is change. Hands-on we improve existing businesses and seek out new challenges. Blue minds are open minds.


What we do

We encourage you to take a closer look at given structures. In the upheavals of the post financial crisis in which prevention is better the cure we are in dire need of particularly one thing: courage.