We work for and with our clients and partners to meet the challenges of the 21st century using DIGITALIZATION INVESTMENTS VENTURING


We support industry and businesses to meet the growing challenges of digitization with a focus on creating value.

Always one step ahead.

Our partners Christian Kern, Eveline Steinberger-Kern and Bernhard Raberger have a combined track record of about 120 years in leadership and high-level management in the energy, producing and logistics industries. Our culturally diverse team’s professional background and international experience provide know-how, offer unique skills, and grant access to networks from the world’s most dynamic innovation regions: the high-tech ecosystem of the Startup Nation Israel, the innovation clusters on both coasts of the US, and industry networks in Japan, the Middle East, and Europe.

Driving Innovation.

We support industry and businesses hands-on with customized solutions to face the challenges of digitization and create value. Our clients benefit from our innovation hubs in Vienna and Linz. We offer digital services in the current tech trends of cyber security, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing which we have developed in co-operation with DIGITAL EDGE, a Joint Venture with the Israeli SOSA HLSTech.


We invest in established and new business ideas and the best teams – with an emphasis on the energy transition.

Why do young tech teams and startups choose us?

They appreciate the opportunities our management experience and our industry network can offer.

Each Blue Minds Company’s partner previously has held high level management positions in large companies and/or corporations. We have worked successfully in both Austria and abroad, and we have built up sustainable customer relationships and other fruitful partnerships. We are intimately familiar with the challenges along the various steps of “starting up”. We know what it takes and what is important – and how we as Blue Minds can step in most effectively and give the needed support. After all, as serial entrepreneurs we’ve been there ourselves. This background and our experience enables us to build successful companies and set them on track for sustainable international growth.

Why do industry players and businesses choose us?

They choose us, because we speak the same language.

We know what startups need and how to effectively introduce them to corporate and other partners in the relevant industry. This is the very field the Blue Minds Company was “born and raised in”. We are experts in developing and implementing effective innovation strategies. Setting up platforms for mid-sized companies and corporate partners to collaborate successfully with startups is at the core of our business. The secret to our successful track record is our hands-on approach and our expertise in transactions, operations and restructuring. This is the basis that enables us to identify opportunities and design solutions that others may not (yet) see.


We build companies based on your and our business ideas. In doing so we take advantage of our access to technological expertise and international skills.

Utility of the Future.

Today, large-scale photovoltaic installations can be operated without subsidies almost everywhere. Energy storage has become cheaper making new optimized industrial and private energy system solutions economically possible. These trends are accelerated by the progressive substitution of fossil fuels in heating and transport. All in all, we see a shift away from centrally organized supply towards decentralized energy production and use. Digitization is the at the heart of this transition.

Artificial intelligence, big data, virtual and augmented reality and robotics have also become enmeshed in the energy sector. Completely new market entrants are appearing, boundaries between sectors are blurring, and investments are shifting away from coal and gas and towards photovoltaic, wind, and hydropower. Innovations in real-time data technology and the individual energy customer’s growing autonomy drive the creation of new services.

Shifting risks create shifting opportunities

The Blue Minds Company works with partners in industry and commerce, startups and investors. Based on the long-standing experience of its managers and employees, we provide professional and practical insights into all value-adding stages of the energy business, both on the national and international levels. Working closely with our clients, we develop innovative new business models to advance new technologies, the efficient use of resources, the further integration of energy markets, and the transition to free energy markets.

The possibility to use of the various products and services of our own startups and portfolio companies gives us a competitive advantage. Here are some examples: