We work for and with our clients and partners to meet the challenges of the 21st century using DIGITALIZATION INVESTMENTS VENTURING


One step ahead.

Digitalization, coupled with IIoT and AI allows to totally revamp the way how energy infrastructure and the built environment are utilized. The digitization of the economy creates benefits and efficiencies as digital technologies drive innovation and fuel job opportunities and economic growth. Digitalization and the urgent need to create climate change, the energy and logistics sector, which tends to be traditional and regulated, also must adapt quickly. Some things have already been achieved, but much remains to be done. The energy and logistics sector will be decarbonized in 2050 and therefore no stone will be left unturned.


What they value about us.

The Blue Minds is valued by young tech startups because we recognize their individual needs and offer specialized assistance. While capital investment is important, we also offer guidance in achieving their ambitions and goals. Our experienced management team and members attract startups because they benefit from our past success and experience. As an energy transformation venture capital firm, we provide resources and guidance to help startups enter new markets and grow. From the concept stage to the funding stage, we provide the funding, experience, and network to turn their ideas into reality. The Blue Minds Company is committed to supporting startups on their path to success.


Taking that risk.

We attract young tech startups through our experienced leadership and professional team. Previous success stories such as has-to-be, circumonics and FSight demonstrate the value we add. We focus on identifying innovative ideas, analyzing their market potential and risks and prioritizing tasks for successful project execution. We invest in start-ups that are reshaping energy efficiency and offer early feedback and initial contacts through our experience and network. We embrace the impact of digitalization on operations and support the energy transition by investing in new technologies. From Tel Aviv, we expand into our home market of Vienna, connecting it with the Israeli spirit of innovation. Cooperation’s, international networks and learning from successful companies are the basis of our work. Entering new markets requires commitment and strategic steps. Blue Minds Company helps start-ups strengthen their frameworks and offers financial support, mentoring and help in building infrastructure. We place great emphasis on protecting start-up ideas and products and help them find funding, team members and pilot partners.