Who we work with

Our clients are industrial production and service-providing companies, NGOs, public institutions, municipalities and cities. We provide customized services to those who want to participate in the current energy transition with innovative business concepts. We assist our clients to successfully face the complex challenges that come with shaping a more sustainable, resource-efficient and CO2 emissions-reduced yet affordable energy future. We provide targeted support in creating a vision, designing business and technology strategies, building effective organizational structures, and introducing novel business models and operational processes.

Our approach is to work with decision-makers from across the organization: in strategy & business development, R&D, production and marketing, and general management. We provide tailored consulting teams and specific experts depending on the specific project and concrete strategic challenge.

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  • FSight  – FSIGHT is a data platform company for energy providers that translates smart meter data into new revenue opportunities and utilizes artificial intelligence for improved load forecasting and energy management. They offer products such as “PREDICT” for load, generation, and price forecasting, as well as the “DER Engine” for optimal planning and operation of decentralized energy systems.
  • Techhouse  – Techhouse is an innovation platform that supports companies as innovation architects and provides them access to a first-class innovation ecosystem. It fosters open innovation by bringing together spin-offs, startups, and investors, as well as conducting proof of concepts, innovation challenges, hackathons, and innovation scouting to efficiently manage digital transformation and innovation processes in the industry.
  • Pexapark  – Pexapark is a renewable energy platform that provides specialized solutions for trading and managing electricity from renewable sources. It enables companies to trade efficiently and transparently with renewable energy and manage their portfolios.
  • Energy Hero  – Energy Hero is a platform that enables consumers to optimize their energy consumption and reduce energy costs by automatically switching their energy tariffs. It provides tools and information for monitoring and controlling energy consumption as well as utilizing renewable energy.
  • Trayport  – Trayport is a trading platform for energy and commodities markets that enables companies to trade efficiently and transparently with energy products. The platform offers a variety of trading instruments and data analysis functions to optimize the trading process.
  • Has-to-be  – Has-to-be is a provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and offers a platform for charging management. The company enables charging station operators to efficiently manage their infrastructure and provide users with a seamless charging experience.
  • Cylus  – Cylus is a company specialized in cybersecurity for rail networks. Their solutions provide protection against cyberattacks and enable rail operators to operate their systems securely and minimize disruptions.
  •  – is a company specialized in providing location data and analysis. Their platform enables companies to use geographical data to make informed decisions regarding location planning, sales optimization, and customer segmentation.
  • Collective Energy  – Collective Energy is a company specialized in the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions. They offer innovative concepts for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage to support businesses and communities in transitioning to clean energy.
  • Keepers  – Keepers Child Safety is an app that protects children from cyberbullying and detects toxic conversations on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The app also offers safe web technology to block access to harmful websites and preserve children’s privacy.
  •  – is a website that provides a sustainable solution for retail. It allows customers to shop with a special reusable bag and collect rewards while promoting their environmental friendliness.
  • Circunomics  – Circunomics is a startup that develops comprehensive solutions for circular economy and sustainability management. They offer specialized services for battery recycling to support companies in efficient disposal and recycling of batteries while minimizing environmental impacts.
  • Celantur  – Celantur is a startup that offers data anonymization solutions through the platform They enable users to manage their data securely and anonymously to protect privacy.
  • Interfloat  – Interfloat is a company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality solar glass. Their solar glass is used for the integration of solar cells in building facades and other architectural applications to generate clean energy and promote sustainable solutions.
  • WeXelerate  – WeXelerate is a company specialized in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. They operate an innovation hub that brings together startups, corporations, and investors to enable collaborations, research and development, as well as the exchange of ideas and know-how.
  • Build and Invest  – Build and Invest (B&I) is dedicated to promoting an urban future through investments in proptech, energy technology, and mobility. The company supports early-stage startups and businesses in developing their teams and invests alongside strategic partners with extensive industry knowledge in real estate, energy, and mobility.
  • Liberty Group  – Liberty Group is a company specialized in innovative building concepts and solutions. With a focus on innovative construction methods and technologies, they provide customized and sustainable building constructions for various projects.
  • Energy Buildings  – Energy Buildings is a company specialized in energy-efficient building solutions. They offer innovative technologies and services to optimize the energy consumption of buildings, promote sustainability, and improve comfort for residents.

Partner News

  • Blue Minds is a venture advisor at Sunvest Capital Partners.
  • Blue Minds is part of NetZero Technology Ventures, the first incubator in Israel for new technologies in the energy sector.
  • Excellent news for our portfolio company Pexapark: The leading company in software and advisory services for renewable energy sales, has completed a second round of Series B funding for a total of €8m.
  • Techhouse has been selected by the European Commission to be a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH).
  • The Blue Minds Company and HS Timber Group sell Interfloat Corporation, Europe’s largest solar glass producer, to Borosil Renewables Ltd.
  • Energie Burgenland and Fsight launch next stage of their cooperation. The aim is to optimize the predictability of energy consumption through artificial intelligence.
  • goodbag receives a mid-six-figure investment.
  • The Blue Minds Company is part of the winners of the NIS 500 million new tech incubator program of the Israel Innovation Authority. Together with the leading global corporations like Other Sources Energy Group (OSEG), TotalEnergies, Eren Industries, IP Innovative Power, BGV and DK Innovation, The Blue Minds Company will manage a climate incubator that includes a venture capital fund for early stage climate tech start-ups.
  • Foresight Energy Ltd.(FSIGHT), the high-tech company in the field of energy data analysis co-founded in Israel by Austrian investors, closes a financing round of almost 2 million euros, gaining Bernd Hinteregger as a new investor in the process.
  • Pexapark partners with Fluence to accelerate the clean energy transition through combining advanced market intelligence and energy storage insights.
  • Upper Austrian generates €1.3m with successful seed financing – Investors focus on growth potential of continuous audit due to faster control processes
  • Cylus raises $30M Series B to help protect trains and metros worldwide. More:
  • The Interfloat Corporation is investing EUR 100 million in its production site in Tschernitz. This represents the largest investment programme in the company’s history for the Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH (GMB) and thus a clear commitment to the production site in Brandenburg and an important step towards further expanding renewable energies in Europe.
  • Cirunomics wins the 3rd place at “The Spark – the German digital award” where the top three of the “Net Zero Tech” startups were awarded by McKinsey and Handelsblatt.
  • 250 million exit for has·to·be: The Austrian start-up has·to·be, which specialises in charging management for e-cars, is being taken over by the US charging station operator ChargePoint. The deal is the largest start-up exit in Austria to date.
  • The start-up Circunomics, which promotes the second life and recycling of lithium-ion batteries, closes another financing round of almost two million euros. Google ranks the company among the top 5 start-ups worldwide in the field of the circular economy.
  • Drei and Keepers launch app to detect child bullying on social networks. It is the first app in German-speaking countries that recognizes bullying thanks to artificial intelligence. More at
  • Pexapark and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) announce cooperation for risk management solutions in renewables sector
    Aral, BP’s gas station brand in Germany and has·to·be gmbh are teaming up to deliver 500 ultra-fast charge points at over 120 locations by the end of 2021.
  • FSIGHT extends its battery optimization cooperation with SBB after winning the SBB Adaptathon. Fsight’s PoC demonstrated the high potential of its Energy AI platform to optimize battery flexibility. The focus of the cooperation will be on developing a joint platform to optimize SBB’s battery swarm storage portfolio, which will soon become one of the largest in Europe. More:
  • Powur became the fastest growing residential solar company in America in 2020.


  • Evgeny Finkel: “Blue Minds is a rare combination of great energy expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, able to provide mentoring and guidance from very early stages throughout the whole lifecycle of a climate tech startup. The Blue Minds Company participation is not only financial, but first and foremost networking, bringing very strong connections in the energy world across EMEA. Strongly recommended!”
  • Michael Waldner: “Working with Blue Minds has been a great asset to our success as a startup. Their broad expertise, collaborative approach and ongoing commitment have provided us with exceptional support, offering us practical guidance and pragmatic suggestions that have proved helpful from day one.”
  • Eveline Steinberger: “The most inspiring thing is to work on a meaningful project that can change the world for the better. “
  • Christoph Hantschk:  “The Blue Minds Company has been a wonderful partner of bgood for many years. They not only supported us through their financial investments but even more through their network and sharing their outstanding know-how and we very much value their hands-on approach. Like us they deeply care about creating solutions that accelerate positive change and we feel very lucky to have such a reliable partner that supports us on our mission to build the super app for sustainability.”
  • Philip Skrbic: “We are open with ideas, we say yes to things rather than no – that often makes it very difficult, but also exciting and forces us to stay on track. The work environment is relaxed but still with the right amount of ambition and concentration when it counts.”
  • Bernhard Raberger: Fun, the underestimated success factor.”
  • Philipp Semmler: “If not now, when. For better or worse, we will have to get used to the fact that sustainability will always play a greater role in our society.”
  • Helga Pattart-Drexler:
  • „The Blue Minds Company is not only thinking about the beginning, but actually already about the afterwards.” / “No, not possible”, we don’t have that – it’s a question of how we implement it.”
  • Amit Godinger: “The Blue Minds benefits from its international network in several aspects such as understanding other markets and their potential, creating business relationships that drive investments into impactful solutions and successful business models. Moreover, by holding good international network we are having greater access to talents and improving our company’s reputation.”