Network and Team

All over the world.

There are many reasons why we enjoy working at The Blue Minds Company and the biggest reason is knowing that our work has a positive impact for a sustainable future and promoting clean energy solutions and startups, it’s the right way to achieve great things for our society and planet. We love what we do. It is great fun to work on the transformation of the energy system. Ideas are discussed openly, and we say yes rather than no – that makes it challenging but also exciting. In our team at The Blue Minds, we are multicultural and learn from each other. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences allows us to bring different perspectives and learn from each other. Each team member contributes individually and brings new ideas and approaches.


How it all started


The Blue Minds Company started its business in TelAviv, as it reveals a
unique innovation ecosystem, made up of entrepreneurs and investors with a shared sense of responsibility to advance the country’s technological prowess. Blue Minds Israel Ltd. was founded in December 2014, in which former C-level executives of the Israeli energy industry later invested, laying the foundation for today’s Fsight, an Energy AI platform-building company. Four years later, Blue Minds Group has grown to include several more startups of our own and even more investments. Only thereafter, Blue Minds Company opened its office in Vienna, with the idea to infect the DACH region and its stakeholders with the Israeli innovation spirit. Since then, we have been pursuing the approach of connecting our home market with the innovation ecosystem there.

Quote Eveline: “Israel’s tech ecosystem is characterized by a ‘can-do’ attitude. But perhaps the most important differentiating factor is how the Israeli ecosystem embraces failure.”


What we work for

Thriving the energy transition. We invest in, support, and create new business models in the field of renewable energy, CO2 mitigating measures and stand for sustainability in economic.
The Blue Mind Company believes it is important to adopt and advance business models and companies in this sector. Companies coming expect and receive new inputs, new strategies, innovation leadership and a new mindset when it comes to promotion of renewables and reduction of CO2 emissions. With our big network of partnerships all over the world we are always striving to get the best ideas before they get mainstream, making big things possible and helping the world getting a little more sustainable every day. Therefore, also our partnerships with many research institutes, the Blue Minds Company always knows what’s on the table at the moment and what new is coming. This way we can secure we´re investing in the right ideas and are able to help our customers the best way possible.
A genuine paradigm shift is taking place. On the one hand, there is the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables. On the other, we have the development of new technologies such as energy storage and hydrogen, the electrification of certain sectors, and digitalization. With the Blue Minds Company, we are focusing our activities on investing in new technology in order to support the energy transition.

Our philosophy.


And of course: FUN, the underrated factor for success!