Blue Minds in a nutshell

We are an efficient marketplace for digitization, investments, enterprising and breakthrough ideas. We bridge between the traditional and the new/uncertain. Our team comes with many years of international experience in the relevant industries. Europe is our home market, however, our business activity extends from North America to Asia.

Our vision is to attract the best minds, build hot new ventures and create value.


How it all started

It all started in Israel.

In December 2014, the Blue Minds Israel Ltd. was founded. Support and investment from former Israeli energy industry C-Level managers prepared the ground for the success of today’s Fsight Ltd., an Energy AI platform-building company.

Since then the Blue Minds Group has added a few more startups and investments. Our focus is twofold: First, we help build new companies to implement innovative business ideas and new technologies. Second, we support existing companies to think and act like founders and integrate dynamic startups into their innovation processes, and in this way realize their innovative potential. Additionally, alongside corporate partners and visionary founders we invest directly into outstanding early-stage tech startups that fit our portfolio.


We will encourage and guide you to look beyond the expected. Particularly, in a world where most business sectors are re-inventing themselves, we need to accept taking risks as a necessary step on the path to success. However, to diligently assess these risks is of utmost importance. It is crucial that we understand innovation, first and foremost, as a process of identifying opportunities and pursuing them. We build and invest in innovative business models. We advance innovation processes and connect “big corporate businesses” with the dynamic world of founders and startups. Our team guides you to create markets that have not existed before, and reach customers who you have not been able to serve before.

Our philosophy


And of course: FUN, the underrated factor for success!

Managing Partners